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This is my 8th Mazda in 32 years!! I have been so pleased with Mazdas in the past that, of course, I had to check out the new ones. A big Thank You to Robert Johnson for his patience and skill to help me find the car and terms that matched my wants and terms. He took the time to show me all the new features and answer all of my questios. . My Serra Mazda3 just made its first trip to the beach and I loved it. Thanks again Robert!
Carolyn Mazda fan
Great buying experience. Sales service was excellent. I had never purchased a car on my own before and Nick Cosby was great throughout the process. All my questions were answered. Mike Jacks from the Finance Department sent me all the paperwork so I just drove to Trussville to pick up the car. It was not an stressful process at all. They did a great job!
Victor & Soleny
I couldn't be happier with my experience last week at Serra Mazda. My sales person, Laura, went above and beyond for me. She was friendly and patient, answered all of my questions, and put my mind at ease. I will definitely send my friends and family to Serra Mazda!!
Picky Shopper
When getting your car serviced, always ask for Cason Butterworth. He is by far the best technician they have here. He is always super helpful, friendly and makes a usually stressful experience a breeze. The only time I've had a negative experience here is when another tech serviced my car and wanted to sell me a bunch of things.
Audrey W. Birmingham, AL
I have sold cars in the past for some of the largest car dealers in mid central AL. They always stressed taking care of the customers at whatever price as long as they made a good profit. I'm sure that Serra Mazda has to make a profit to stay in business but, not all of it off 1 customer. I've personally bought 2 new cars from Serra Mazda & helped a lady from our church buy 1 from a Serra Toyota dealer through the Mazda store. My wife & I & the friend from church felt very comfortable & special ... . Forest a new employee contacted me by phone to let me know they had some special promotions going on & that the managers were doing everything they could to put deals together. My wife & I had been trying to trade cars for sometime but, the numbers just wouldn't fit. Forest finally convinced me to come on down & give it a shot. I had business in Trussville that morning so I stopped in. Since Forest was just starting out Jason Gudgen offered to assist me. He inquired as to what I was attempting to accomplish.& then introduced me to Jeff Wood Pre Owned Sales Manager & Paul McKeever Sales Manager. They both remembered my wife & I from our previous dealings. Jeff had even sent my wife a get well card when she had lung cancer. The 2 of them got to work right away appraising my vehicle & searching their inventory for just the kind of Mazda we wanted. They found 1. My wife & I like comfort & we wanted every option we could get. Jason & I took it for a test ride. It drove great just like the last one we bought from them. Same car just a few years newer. When we got back they told me there shouldn't be any problem with finance. I told them that was fine but, I needed to involve me wife in the dealing to make sure if she still wanted to trade & that she may not want the color they had. They told me to take the car home & discuss it with my wife & come back tomorrow if she felt up to it. I told them I'd do it but, I might end up being in the dog house for taking so long running the errands I was supposed to be doing. Jeff & Joel Capp the Finance & Insurance Manager both volunteered to let me come to their home & sleep on their couches. Fortunately I didn't have to take them up on their offers. My wife loved the car except for the color. We went back the next morning & Paul went to work to locate us a car like we wanted in the color that my wife would be happy with. He found ! in Mobile & sent a driver down right away. I don't know how he did it but, he was back with our car close to 5:00 PM. We returned the next morning to pick up our new car. There is more that I could document here about our experience with Serra Mazda but, it would take away from your fun & excitement you can experience buying your next new car at Serra Mazda. From Dorothy & Gary in Moody, AL to the guys at Serra Mazda, "SALTUTE!!!!!"
Gary & Dorothy from Moody AL.

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